Fuji Flux Chippers

Fuji Flux Chippers

Fuji offers 3 variants of flux chippers with different removal rates.

Fuji flux chippers are ideal for various removal operations; light chipping, carving stone, scaling, removing paint, rust, weld flux and light fins from castings. The FCH-25B offers a ”blow” function which is ideal for blowing particles away from the work piece.

Attachments, such as chisels and needles, can be quickly and easily changed. The locking handle are designed to reduce the risk of accidental starting of the tools. The handle is automatically locked when the operator releases the handle.

Low air consumption 0.14-0.18 m3/min (due to the valve mechanism) enables Fuji flux chippers to be used with a smaller compressor. The built-in Sleeve Valve allows the operator to adjust the blow frequency by adjusting the throttle valve.

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