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Cutting Tool Accessories

Hole finders eliminate the guesswork when drilling a hole in one layer of sheet metal that needs to match up precisely with an existing whole in another layer. Chip chasers are made of stainless steel and are available in long and short versions. Countersink extensions are most commonly used to give extended reach for countersinking holes.

Drill Collets effectively convert a straight shank tool of any kind (typically drills and reamers) into a threaded shank tool. Often referred to as ‘Egg-Cup’ drill stands, these hand-held drill guides provide a quick and easy way to assure hole position and quality. Drill stops have a coiled spring to cushion drill break-through, while the rounded smooth face eliminates marking and prevents the drill chuck from marring the surface. Paint Cutters are used to cut a circle in the paint that surrounds fastener heads so that paint does not blister and peel as countersink (flush).