Drill Stands, Bushings and Kits

Drill Stands, Brushings and Kits

Often referred to as ‘Egg-Cup’ Drill Stands, these hand-held drill guides provide a quick and easy way to assure hole position and quality. The guide housing is made in the USA of GE Lexan®, which is virtually unbreakable and ensures a well-lighted work surface.

Two styles are available to accommodate standard 1/2”-13 threaded drill bushings, and 1/2” OD slip-renewable drill bushings. A locking screw on the slip-renewable housing permits positive retention of the slip-fit bushing, thus reducing FOD concern.

Slip Fit Drill Bushings are designed to guide, position, and support the cutting tool while keeping the drill bit perpendicular to the working surface. Threaded drill bushings keep bits accurate and precise while drilling an array of materials.

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