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Chicago Pneumatic started in 1901 when John W. Duntley had the idea of sourcing and selling construction tools that ”weren’t yet available” and on December 28,1901 after meeting with steel magnate Charles M. Schwab Chicago Pneumatic was heavily invested and incorporated. Throughout the 1900’s tool production was on the rise as the first single-valve pneumatic hammer was patented and in 1912 Chicago Pneumatic began the production of horizontal 2-cycle semi-diesel oil engine to power CP compressors, thus the company expanding more and more.

In 1939, Chicago Pneumatic designed and manufactured the world’s first impact wrench (pneumatic and electric). In 1943, the iconic ”Rosie the Riveter” poster was published and on her lap sat a Chicago Pneumatic riveting hammer. At the end of the 1900’s Chicago Pneumatic pushed out more than 250 light assembly tools that could be made from only 23 interchangeable component parts and started the production of compactors and portable power generators.

Chicago Pneumatic starts every and any day with the drive to research, develop, manufacture and deliver products to meet every type of need, regardless of the industry. As years go by, Chicago Pneumatic has serviced the metalworking industry, the Oil, Gas and Biochemical Industry, Vehicle service and it’s constantly growing. Chicago Pneumatic’s goal is to deliver only the best-in-class global services and local support to industrial customers and showcases added value by delivering only the best solution to customer’s needs based on decades of experience.