Fuji Percussive Tools

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Fuji Percussive Tools Features:

VALVE MECHANISMS: Fuji Percussion Tools are equipped with the following valve mechanisms:

Plate valve consists of four parts of valve sheet, valve cover, valve case and valve. This simple mechanism and plate valve surface provide longer durability. FR Series
Hollow valve enables a light and compact body and longer stroke for its size.
High blow frequency (60Hz to 90Hz) can be maintained as this piston functions as a valve providing high working efficiency.
LOW AIR CONSUMPTION: Low air consumption 0.14-0.18 m3/min (due to the valve mechanism) enables Fuji Percussion Tools to be used with a smaller compressor.

QUICK CHANGE ATTACHMENTS FOR PERCUSSIVE TOOLS: Attachment, such as chisels and needles, can be quickly and easily changed.

LOCKING HANDLE: The locking handle are designed to reduce the risk of accidental starting of the tools. The handle is automatically locked when the operator releases the handle.

LOW BLOW FREQUENCY: The built-in Sleeve Valve allows the operator to adjust the blow frequency by adjusting the throttle valve.

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