Fuji FLT Series Shut-Off Type Pulse Wrenches

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Fuji FLT series shut-off type pulse wrench features:

Shut-Off Valve Mechanism
The Fuji shut-off valve and piston design provides the benefit of stable shut-off and torque levels. The design ensures smooth movement of the piston which means oil pressure is transmitted precisely to the shut-off valve. In effect – both the accuracy and consistency of the tightening torque is improved greatly. For the low air pressure operation 0.4-0.5 MPa (4-5 bar), low pressure models (-L) are provided with special design optimizing oil flow from relief valve. Thanks to this design, even low oil pressure can be transmitted exactly to the shut-off valve.

Plunger Mechanism
Plunger Mechanism provides the benefit of improved Torque Accuracy. For control of low torque, the oil pressure applied to the piston is maintained at a low level and improves torque control. To ensure high accuracy control of low torque, the plunger mechanism is utilized to deliver torque accurately. Oil leakage is prevented within the mechanism via a passage in the plunger which is designed to accommodate changes in oil pressure when the pulse is generated. Consequently, torque and tightening accuracy stability are maintained.

Accumulator Mechanism
The Accumulator functions to compensate against the sudden rise of oil pressure when tightening a hard joint. Torque scatter and error is minimized. As the oil temperature increases during consecutive tightening, the accumulator takes in the expanded volume of oil to maintain a consistent oil volume in the pulse unit. This ensures high tightening torque accuracy.

Environment Friendly Design
To reduce effects on the environment and environmental energy during the life cycle of the tool, no paint is applied to the body of the tool. Consequently, the effect of paint peeling is eliminated. The full cover protector is designed as standard.

Ergonomic Design
Compared with conventional tools, weight is kept to a minimum. The grip handle size is optimised to provide enhanced levels of operator comfort. This special grip also absorbs vibration more effectively. Furthermore, reduced noise and vibration levels are standard with the FLT series due to the optimized dimensions.

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