Omega Technologies ATHS9PC 9 Piece Hi-Lok Socket Set

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Omega Technologies Hi-Lok Installation Socket 9 piece set.


Product Description

ATHS9PC Hi-Lok Installation Socket 9 Piece Set Description: Omega Technologies Hi-Lok Installation Sockets with Set Screw Retainers are anti-FOD sockets and are manufactured to fit common square drives. Omega Technologies Hi-Lok Installation Sockets also feature a through-hole to allow the use of hex keys when they are needed for Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, and Hi-Tigue® installations. As an anti-FOD measure, a set screw is provided to retain the sockets onto square drives.

Omega Technologies ATHS9PC Hi-Lok Installation Socket Set Includes:

  • ATHS156 5/32”
  • ATHS187 3/16”
  • ATHS218 7/32”
  • ATHS250 1/4”
  • ATHS281 9/32”
  • ATHS312 5/16”
  • ATHS343 11/32”
  • ATHS375 3/8”
  • ATHS437 7/16”
  • Technical Specifications: Number of Pieces: 9

    Technical Specifications

    Number of Pieces