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Dremel Oscillating Tool Kits

An immigrant named Albert J. Dremel founded the Dremel Manufacturing Company in Racine, Wisconsin in 1932. One of the first products released was the Moto-Tool, the grandfather of the modern-day rotary tool. the Moto-Tool was described as “the pocket-sized machine shop for all of your needs”, being able to polish, grind, drill, saw, and much more.

Focus on user application has always been this guiding star in our company’s history. We have refined the rotary tool increasing its possible application through the introduction of numerous corded and cordless tool models, all of which can be matched with over 150 Dremel accessories and attachments. We have reinvented the oscillating and compact saw, setting the standard for what both safety and durability mean in this industry. We have been creating new and innovative technologies with Dremel DigiLab; building powerful, workhorse 3D printers and approachable, easy to use Laser Cutters. Wherever our users are, at home or at work, in a classroom or an engineering firm, Dremel will follow them in their creations, refining and reinventing.

Since 1932, Dremel has built the tools to empower you to accomplish your vision, bringing your ideas to life. When we all create, refine, and reinvent, our world is a richer, more personal place to live. Whether carving wood with our rotary tool or cutting acrylic with our laser cutter, we promise to deliver long-lasting products that can keep at the pace of your imagination. We are more than just engineers creating innovative and safe tools; we are craftspeople redefining the way we all make.

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