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Apex B.N.A.E. Bits

B.N.A.E. (metric) screwdriver bits from Apex Fastener Tools formally Cooper Tools. Also known as French recess bits. Apex’s premium tool alloys and proprietary heat treat help avoid typical problems such as shattering and premature bit wear. insert bits are commonly used with a Bit Holder in power tool applications. This combination is economical, provides flexibility and allows a fastener to be magnetically held by the bit.Apex ACR insert bits have special wing-face ribs to grip screw recesses and reduce stripping and cam-out which can result in damage to the surrounding work piece. Phillips head screwdriver bits from Apex Fastener Tools formally Cooper Tools. The Phillips head bit is purposely designed to cam out when the screw stalls, preventing the fastener from damaging the work or the head.Apex quality begins with select raw materials, only carefully chosen, high grade tool steel is used. Each Apex bit is manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry, most are even tighter than licensing agreement requirements and all Apex bits meet the most stringent government and military specifications.

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