The Torque Tool Series From Wera Is Expanding: Even More “Clicks“!

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The Torque tool series from Wera is expanding: Even more “clicks“!

New Torque tools in the Click-Torque Series / Click-Torque XP with pre-set Torque / Torque wrench with square socket holder for interchangeable in-sert tools / For clockwise and anti-clockwise torque-control / Adjustable Click-Torque wrench C 3 now also available in a compact tool set / Torque range 40-200 Nm / Characteristic double “click” / New torque indicators with T-handle / Low effort / Fixed torque / Loosening torque significantly higher than tightening torque / VDE-model individually tested up to 1,000 V or workshop version /

Wuppertal. Parts and components are becoming ever more complex and sensitive. During assembly, the screws and sockets often must be tightened with a defined torque value, so that a permanently secure and stable connection is ensured, and the part is not damaged. Wuppertal screwdriving tool manufacturer Wera has now expanded its range of torque tools to include more practical models for these applications, allowing more and more frequent “clicks” for tool professionals.

Four additional torque tools supplement the Click-Torque series launched last year. For the new Click-Torque XP wrenches, the torque is pre-set to one of the following values ​​2.5 Nm, 5 Nm, 10 Nm, 15 Nm or 20 Nm. This is especially important for applications requiring high repeatability and in which the same torque is required constantly. An unintentional adjustment is practically impossible since the default setting can only be changed to a new torque value with a defined movement. The four new torque wrenches for interchangeable tools are equipped with square socket holders for clockwise and anti-clockwise torque-control and have a declaration of conformity as per DIN EN ISO 6789-1.

Compact set with Click-Torque wrench

Additionally, the adjustable Click-Torque key C 3 is now also available in a compact tool set. In addition to the torque wrench, the set consists of a tool extension, four sockets in the wrench sizes 10, 13, 17 and 19 mm, as well as four TORX® bits and three Hex-Plus hexagonal socket bits with holding function. The contents of the set, and the arrangement in a surface-friendly textile box, considerably simplify storage and transport. The adjustable torque range of the wrench is between 40 and 200 Nm. As with all torque wrenches in the Click-Torque range, the C 3 also features the characteristic double “click”. The screw-stop “click” is an audible and tactile mechanism when the set torque is reached. Thus, the screwdriving is completed acoustically and haptically. In addition, the user is supported in adjusting the torque on the handle by another “click” when the individual scale values are reached.

T-handles under torque control

Also new in the range are torque indicators with a T-handle. These offer the advantage of high torque transmission with little effort, made possible by the leverage of the T-handle, and are therefore very easy to use. The torque indicators have a fixed torque that cannot be changed. Therefore, they are ideally suited for screwdriving challenges where the torque must be maintained with repeatable accuracy. The tools have a robust slip clutch, which makes it impossible to apply excessive torque and generates a clearly audible and tactile trigger signal when the value is reached. The loosening torque is many times higher than the pre-set tightening torque, which means that no additional tools are required when loosening screwed connections.

The torque indicators with T-handles have a declaration of conformity and are available as a VDE-model individually tested at up to 1,000 V with two Hex-Plus hexagonal socket profiles in the sizes 4 (4 Nm) and 5 (5 Nm) and as the workshop version in the same sizes or with TORX® profiles 20 (4 Nm) and 25 (5 Nm).

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