TX45X MRO Tools T-45 Torx Insert Bit, 1/4” Hex Drive

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MRO Tools TX45X 1/4” Torx ® Insert Bits. Driver Size: T-45 Major Diameter: 0.306 Overall Length (in./mm): 1-1/4”/ 32mm


Product Description

1/4” MRO Torx ® Insert Bits Description: MRO Torx Bits are designed to respond to the constant demands of driving applications and can be used for driving screws and fasteners with hand tools, corded or cordless power tools, and pneumatic tools. MRO Torx Bits are extremely popular throughout the aviation and automotive industries, or anywhere quality tooling products are required.

Technical Specifications: Driver Size: T-45 Major Diameter: 0.306 Overall Length(in./mm): 1-1/4”/ 32mm Equivalent Part Number: APEX 440-TX-45X

Technical Specifications

Driver Size


Major Diameter


Overall Length(in./mm)


Equivalent Part Number

APEX 440-TX-45X