Omega Technologies RR80SP Short Handle Double Clutch Roller Ratchet, 1/4 Square Drive

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Omega Technologies Roller Ratchet® Minimum edge distance, 200 lb-in, 1/4 square drive, replaces RWB100-80.


Product Description

Double Clutch 1/4” Square Drive Short Handle Roller Ratchet Description: Omega Technologies Roller Ratchets® were designed as a response for the need of small ratchet wrenches that could be used in tight areas where the swing of the handle was limited by obstructions, and to have a ratchet or tool that would work with very little handle movement. Roller Ratchets® satisfies both of those requirements and is used throughout the aerospace industry.

Technical Specifications: Max Torque (lb./in.): 200 Square Drive: 1/4” Height: 1.37 Width: 0.60 Length: 6.3” Replaces Part Number: RWB100-80

Technical Specifications

Max Torque (lb./in.)


Square Drive