M3-1032 Blind Bolt Mandrel

Replacement for Hi-Shear Blind Bolt Blind Nut installation Mandrel. Hi-Shear Blind Bolt and Hi-Shear Blind Nut assembly tooling consists of a Power Unit and Driving Tool or Gun. Diameter: 0.189 Length: 4.60

Part Number: M3-1032


M3-1032 Blind Bolt Mandrel Description

Replacement for Hi-Shear blind bolt blind nut installation mandrel. Hi-Shear blind bolt and Hi-Shear blind nut assembly tooling consists of a power unit and driving tool or gun.

Over time, wear in the nose assembly requires replacement of the anvil chuck or mandrel involved in installing the various blind bolts or blind nuts. Commonly referred to as blind bolt mandrels, the mandrels are the most frequently replaced items.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications