ACOJO Omega Technologies #A M-42 Cobalt Jobber Drill, Type J

Omega Technologies Jobber Drill, M-42 Cobalt, 135° Split Point, NAS907 Type J Size: A Decimal: 0.2340


Product Description

Jobber Drill, M-42 Cobalt, 135° Split Point, Size: A, NAS907 Type J Description: Omega Technologies M-42 Cobalt Type J Jobber Drills feature a 135 Degree Point and are manufactured to Aerospace Standard 907. Jobber length drills, commonly referred to as ”Jobber Drills”, are the workhorse of the aviation industry and the key to producing satisfactory holes is the quality of the drill. The quality of the jobber drills will determine production rates and tool durability.

Technical Specifications: Size: A Decimal: 0.2340

Technical Specifications