#40HSSB Omega Technologies #40 High Speed Steel Stove Burner Drill

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Omega Technologies Stove burner drill, no point, manufactured from high speed steel. Drill size: #40.


Product Description

Stove Burner Drill, High Speed Steel, No Point Description: Omega Technologies Stove Burner Drills are manufactured from high speed steel and are excellent drills to hold size in thin materials. Omega Technologies Stove Burner Drills are designed with short flutes and durable construction with no body clearance to overcome irregularities in cast iron. Omega Technologies Stove Burner Drills are recommended for drilling cast iron burners for gas ranges, furnaces, and other gas heating equipment and are used by gas utilities as well as airframe industries. Unlike the name implies, Stove Burner Drills have maintained the name even though they are rarely used for drilling stove burners.

Technical Specifications: Drill Size: #40 Material: High Speed Steel

Technical Specifications

Drill Size



High Speed Steel