Dotco Precision Grinders

Dotco Precision Grinders

Dotco and Cleco precision grinders offer performance, versatility and quality when attacking a wide range of jobs. These tools are comfortable and lightweight without sacrificing durability and power. After all, we only offer precision grinders that create a better experience for the operator.

Options include aluminum and composite housing, roll and sleeve sliding throttle, carbide burr and diamond pin abrasive capacities, different weights, different lengths and more. Find options that include a full kit of accessories.

The 10-90 and 10-95 Turbine, as well as the 12R91 Series, require no air line lubrication high precision ball bearings are used to ensure long life expectancy. These models achieve a superb finish using high speed and precision spindles. The Dotco 12-03, 10-04 and 12-04 Series, as well as the Cleco 220G and 14/18 Series, are designed for precision deburring and metal removal. The Dotco 15Z Series Air Marking Pen includes a carbide tipped stylus perfect for marking titanium and aluminum, and the 15Z Series Air Marking Pen Kit provides a wide range of accessories to create a comprehensive solution.

These tools are used in a variety of industries. They are built using the best materials, and they are manufactured to last. To choose the perfect precision grinder for your work, contact a Dotco sales representative today.

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