Cleco Pneumatic Inline Screwdrivers

Cleco Pneumatic Inline Screwdrivers

Inline screwdrivers available from Cleco include the 8, 19 and 88 series of products. They all offer exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Torque outputs for Cleco inline screwdrivers range from 0.5 to 180 in. lbs. Optional features available on select tools include external torque adjustment, push button start and reverse, standard or extended flat bits and finders, and more.

Cleco inline screwdrivers have long been recognized as the assembly tool standard against which all other brands are measured. With over 100 years of precision manufacturing experience built into each tool, Cleco inline screwdrivers provide users the ultimate in light and medium duty assembly tool performance and feature grip material that is tested to withstand a range of industrial chemicals.

Cleco inline screwdrivers have a Durable Clecomatic Clutch that delivers best-in-class torque repeatability and a long calibration cycle. When tightening a fastener, torque is transmitted through the Clecomatic clutch to the fastener until the clutch can no longer transmit the increasing torque. The clutch then ”slips”, which allows an internal mechanism to seal off air to the air motor, shutting off the tool at the user-adjusted preset torque level.

This type of torque control allows maximum RPM from the tool for increased productivity. Since Cleco inline screwdrivers don’t dwell on the fastener as with a stall tool, tool wear and fatigue to the operator is reduced. The life of a Clecomatic tool is up to five times longer than that of a lever-operated, ratcheting clutch screwdriver.

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